Rainbow Fund Surveying the Community - Your input is needed
The Rainbow Fundi is consulting with the community to see what emebders think future funding priorities should be, so we are asking you complete the survey as funding awarded in future years will take the results of this survey into account. Have your say about the importance of volunteer peer led wellbeing support for your physical and emotional wellbeing and that this helps you cope with treatment.. Chris Gull, Chair of The Rainbow Fund, said: “We are asking as many people as possible to let us know what they think are the priorities for supporting our communities, how the existing groups and organisations are doing, and whether there are sections of these communities that are not being reached, or not well served. We also want to hear suggestions for where we should be spending the funds, and what needs to be achieved, perhaps changes that need to be made. “We are consulting with the communities, and those that already engage with us, directly through an online document – mostly asking for anonymous comments and suggestions. “The comments will be fed directly into the decision-making process for the next round of grant applications, and will inform the decisions we make in moving the Rainbow Fund forward. onwards. The Rainbow Fund has been essential to Peer Action - (click here to learn more about them  )   Do Rainbow Survey: (click here) Link to Rainbow Survey or fill in below             Read more in GSCENE:   ..more..
Fund-raising Quiz at Camleford Arms, Thurs 1st September
The Camelford Arms has kindly offered Peer Action the 'nominated Charity' for their charity Quiz Night on Thursday 01st September - Come Along, Have Fun and help raise money for Peer Action.. More details closer to the event..... ..more..
Pride 2016 - Great day
Pride 2016 Thank you for joining in on the Parade ... and enjoy the day-the night ..all of it (we did ) "Uniting Nations" We were doing EURO - 'music bringing world together - uniting nations '..so here are our JEDWOOD(s) Sandy Shaw ? Bus at Pavillion:   crowd at Pavillion... Call us if you want to get in touch:   ..more..
Trustee Vacancies
At Peer Action we like to focus on delivering activities & groups and less on who is responsible for what, however as a registered charity we are required to have a board of elected trustees to be accountable.  Frankly, being a trustee is not that exciting - it is just necessary for an organisation to continue, we have to find money; write bids; review the accounts; set policy; provide returns to funders to show what we did; check legal compliance & insurance; send the charity commission reports; and worry about the scope of what we do.    In the last few months we have had a few changes to the trustees that we wanted to let you all know about: - our two most recent probationary trustees will not now be joining us - Our nominee Treasurer (financial accounting) sadly died unexpectedly and our thoughts are with his friends and family.  In addition, our most recent probationary trustee decided that after trying the role for a short period, that this was for them - sadly its not that unusual for prospective trustees to decide committee work isn’t for them and revert to being involved with specific activities.   Last month - two of our long serving trustees; who together helped us progress towards charitable status; decided they had done their few year and it was time to move on.  We would like to thank Chris and Julia for all their help with the games nights, Pride, garden parties and numerous other initiatives.   These recent changes have left us with space for some new trustees, who would serve for a renewable period of 3 years this may not be the most exciting way to encourage people to step forward - but if you would like to get more involved, your help would be appreciated and a couple of additional people would add to flexibility, skills and long term stability of the team.   To find out more - why not come to the next steering group (see: “get involved” in the listings) or message us via the website.  The first step is more low key and can be as simple as helping with a newsletter or arranging an event.  We are very happy for people to take a while to get involved and find a role that fits them.  While we take time to engage new trustees, Peer Action will continue as before; the calendar is as planned and we even expanding one or two of our trips.  We hope to see you soon. ..more..
Eurovision Fundraiser @ camelford Raises £252
What a night that was.... The Camelford Arms hosted Peer Actions annual Eurovision Fundraiser and thanks to Benn, Chris and Wayne we raised £252 for our funds.. We will be back next year......... ..more..
Mini Mindfulness Course - Free to members
Peer Action has arranged to run 2 short courses on Mindfulness free to its members, we can accomdate between 8-12 people per course and the first will run during June for 4 Thursday evenings...  the second will be in the 3rd to 30th September at a weekend at the Friends Centre Introduction to Mindfulness: a four-week course with Judy Lewis   ‘The past has already happened. The future is yet to come.  The present moment is the only moment we have to really live.’                                      Jon Kabat-Zinn, founder of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction courses   This course gives a foundation of the basic practices and understandings of mindfulness – of being present to the moment by moment experience of our lives with more ease and connection, even when we are experiencing a lot of pain and difficulty, whether physical, emotional and/or mental.   There is a strong emphasis in the course on learning through experiencing – including practices done sitting, lying down, walking and mindful movement – and on giving you the opportunity to reflect on your experiences of the practices with the others in the group in a safe environment.   Through these ways, the course can support you in being more able to: •  be more fully present in your life                                            •   let go of unhelpful patterns •   be aware of the beauty and wonders of life                     •   relax and experience stillness and ease •   have a better understanding and non-judgemental acceptance of yourself and others   The course is being held over four weeks with a two-hour session each week. Date and time:  each Thursday 7pm – 9pm on June 9th – 30th Venue: The Sussex Beacon, 10 Bevendean Road, Brighton BN2 4DE Course facilitator: Judy Lewis has held these courses for 7 years and has a mindfulness practice of over 20 years.   For more information and to book please  hit the contact button or look at the entries for June          ..more..
Penshurst Place - Trip...
April 24th - Sunday Trip to Penshurst Place Penshurst Place has been owned by the Sidney family since 1552; after passing through the hands of two of Henry IV's sons, followed by Henry VIII who used it as a hunting lodge. Given to Anne of Cleves as part of her divorce settlement from Henry VIII.........   A fun bus trip out of town ... an hours ride over to Penshurst Place. OK - spring is a little late this year. So it was more chilly than we wanted for wandering the gardens. But hey - some fab rooms and pictures from filming on site for "Bolyn Girls" and "Wolf Hall". OK - we lingered over roast lunch and the flowers may be better visited later in the year... but it was fun in good company... Perhaps: join us next time?   Now me - like the "Bear" inspired topiary - the 'Union Flag' plantings are not out yet. Sorry - no pictures allowed inside. But  click here for loads more detail at their website       Random Images from Penshurst Place Trip (April 2016)     Where was the cafe? They left me under this tree.... One day my prince will come...   Thanks to everyone who came... WATCH the listings for our NEXT trip - in July... hint : anyone watch 'Downton Abbey' .... we are sorting the details and prices - so check back  .....    ..more..
Jon Runs the Marathon and raises £701.88 for Peer Action
Peer Action would like to thank Jon Morgan who ran the Brighton Marathon in just under 4hours 22 minutes and in doing so raised the AMAZING sum of £701.88 for Peer Action..   A BIG thank you Jon!   ..more..