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Rainbow Fund 2016 Awards Press Release
The Rainbow Fund has released a press announcement this week over the difficult choices they had over funding for 2016, and we have been asked to clarify Peer Actions position on this...   Over the past few years, Peer Action has been lucky enough to get ongoing funding from the Rainbow Fund towards Yoga and Alternative Therapies which help those affected with HIV deal with the side effects of treatments and also assist in breaking isolation.   The Rainbow Funds award has helped us offer heavily discounted therapies  to our members and and even give sessions free to those in financial distress (an increasing number of our members unfortunately). The Rainbow Award has only ever covered the losses we make on the therapies and not the full cost of this provision, and during 2015/6 and for 2017 we also recived a small amount to cover core costs such as insurance, advertising and publicity costs. The rainbow Fund has never funded any of our equally essential events aimed at breaking social isolation (such as bowling, quiz evenings, games nights, educational trips and training sessions) and we have always sought to fund these from our own funding and in 2016 we were lucky enough to have this recognised as an essential service by the lottery in their one-off Awards for All program. We are aware of the incorrect perceptions around events aimed at breaking isolation (which are often seen as unnecesary social jollies - by many) and we are committed to running these from our own reserves and direct fundraising for as long as possible.   We recognise that funders have to be careful with decreasing funds and accept the Rainbow Funds approach,  although the importance of 'social' based activities in breaking isolation and consequently improving engagement with their own healthcare is recognised as a government priority for those in disenfranchised groups.   We will continue to arrange subsidised pricing or negotiate special pricing where possible for most of our events as the majority of our members are NOT able to afford full prices and in some cases have no income at all which is why we continue to offer special pricing for all our events and we are always willing to offer additional subsidy.     ..more..